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Secure and reliable

We use sophisticated fraud detection tools to protect you from fraud. Our financial institution partners have the technology in place to monitor unusual activity and prevent fraud.

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Low Rates and No Hidden Fees

Only pay for what you use! Let us show you what affordable, transparent pricing looks like!

we help e-merchants improve their businessess!

· Smart platform enables quick adaption to compliance change

· Reach news and existing consumers

· Reduced payment processing fees

· Supports local payment methods

· High deposits accepted

· Ease of integration

· Speed response to changes/requirement

· Increase customer conversions

· Deposit and withdraw in CAD

· Multi device payment app

· Real time reporting tool

· Real time transactions

· Understand your customers payments journey

Safe payment solutions for all industries

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Fast Account Set Up

Merchant can get an account set up in days time frame depending on documents

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Large Coverage

Our solution suits any business type and setup, including High Risk Business

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Chargeback Prevention

False decline management, CNP Prevention Services, chargeback mitigation, fraud alerts

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