Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions on Withdrawals (Payouts):

Bitfypayments sends a unique security answer via SMS (standard data and message rates may apply) or email for each withdrawal. Check your profile under the merchant's website to ensure you have your current email and mobile number listed.

Reasons why a payment may not have been deposited:

    • The unique ID that was provided by the merchant was starting the transaction was not included in the message field of the e-transfer


    • The unique ID included with the e-transfer is from a different transaction that you already sent in funds for


    • The unique ID included with the e-transfer was mistyped - we recommend copy and pasting to avoid any typos


    • You sent in an e-transfer without starting a transaction on the merchant's site first


    • You sent in a different amount than what you selected on the merchant's site


    • You started a transaction using Interac Online and not Interac e-Transfer - you must start a transaction using the Interac e-Transfer option


    • Your e-transfer was received outside of the 24 hour time period from the start of the transaction and your transaction has now expired


Check with your participating bank or credit union for further details.

If you need additional help, contact us.

Please do not contact Interac; they will not be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Interac® Online is a secure payment system for Canadian consumers. When selecting the Interac® Online option, a new browser window will open, directing you to your financial institution. You must be enrolled in online banking with your financial institution to use this option.